What an amazing seedling season!

What a fantastic 2015 season, folks! As we recover from a full season of organic gardening classes, assembly of over 160 orders and popular sales events, we are humbled and grateful for everyone’s interest and enthusiasm for our organically grown veggie and herb seedlings!

To our loyal customers: We love seeing your shining faces and connecting with you – like family – year after year; thank you for your continued support. To our new customers: We appreciate you giving us a try and hope you are inspired to connect with us next season.


Surplus plants ready for the trip to PRC

Some have asked what happens to our surplus stock at the end of our sales season. Each year we donate unsold plants to People’s Resource Center (PRC) and The GardenWorks Project. Both are local, grassroots organizations that do truly wonderful work and we’re happy to support them. Check them out; they welcome your donations and/or volunteering help.

We hope your gardens bring you endless enjoyment and satisfied taste buds and bellies! We look forward to seeing you all in 2016.

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