Raised Garden Bed Primer -and- Get Veggie/Flower Plants Here

We hope you’re snuggled under some blankets like we are, dreaming of the smell of freshly turned soil and spring.

Raised Beds – a great investment in happier plants and you

TomMedley-webThanks to the clay-ey soils prevalent in these parts, many folks get lackluster production from their vegetable gardens. Most plants, particularly tomatoes, need well-drained soils to thrive. Sure, you can try to build up your soil over years with copious amounts of compost. Or you can make an investment in your future and install raised beds. Happy plants are just one reason why they are a good choice for many people. Learn all about why you and your plants will love raised beds here.

If you need help finding garden soil in bulk (for your beds), check out our Gardening Resources page for local sources.

Get your organically veggies (and flowers) here!

Our fancy online store is open and has already seen a flurry of orders. Place your order now to ensure best selection of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, spiffy flowers and much more!


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