Composting demos -and- “Topping” tomatoes and Brussel sprouts for bigger fruits

It’s feeling a bit like fall out there, and there’s no better to time to start composting at home. Learn more about your options at one of SCARCE’s free composting demos and presentations:

Sep. 13  Glen Ellyn Farmer’s Market
Municipal Parking Lot, 9am-2pm

Sep. 20  Glendale Heights Public Library
SCARCE Outdoor Composting Presentation – start to finish
SCARCE Composting Booth, 10:00am-3:00pm

Oct. 4    Villa Park Farmer’s Market
Park Blvd, West side of Ardmore, 9am-2pm

Cut the growing tip here

Cut the growing tip here

If you want bigger Brussel sprouts and tomatoes at season’s end, cut off the top, or growing tip, of these plants. Topping or pinching off tells the plant to divert its resources and energy into its fruit instead of stem/leaves. You can top your tomato plants now or wait a couple weeks.

Brussel sprouts will continue to grow into the fall/early winter. They, like other plants in the cabbage/Brassica family, become sweeter after they experience a light frost. Top your Brussel sprout plants 3 weeks before you plan to harvest.

Fall is also garlic plantin’ time. Stay tuned for more information about how to plant this easy-to-grow crop, which can also help keep critters out of your garden.

Happy growing!

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