Coffee grounds’ many garden uses -and- Upcoming classes

Coffee Grounds’ Benefits in the Garden

coffeegroundsWe often are asked about using coffee grounds in the garden. I knew they were good but must sheepishly admit I never fully knew the answer. So I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised with its benefits!

Coffee grounds are a great nitrogen source, so use them around your heavy-feeding vegetables and leafy greens, like kale, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, chard and collards. It’s also effective at deterring slugs and snails and suppressing fungal diseases – including late blight on tomatoes.

SidedressingSpread only about one-half to one inch of grounds in a ring around your plants. Let it decompose before adding more. You can also make it into a yummy fertilizer tea to water or foliar-feed your plants.

Check out this excellent write-up on using grounds in your garden.

Upcoming Classes
We still have spots available in the following classes. See more details at our News & Events page.

June_3_2012_0019 Kim ArgLeavesGarden Maintenance and Harvesting
West Chicago – Saturday, June 21st
Villa Park – Saturday, June 28th
See link for full details!

Organic Vegetable Production
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn
Fridays, August 29th – October 17th
10 am – 1:50 pm
Kim is teaching an 8-week class at College of DuPage this fall that combines lecture with “hands-on” learning. If you want to dive deeper into organic vegetable growing, this might be the class for you!

Happy growing!

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