Plan now for a great 2014 garden

Greetings, gardeners!Fall-vegetable-garden

The growing season is winding down and you have likely learned a lot about your garden. Perhaps you had too many cherry tomatoes and too few cucumbers. Perhaps the kale got shaded out by the sprawling tomatoes. Making notes now, while it’s still fresh in your mind, will make planning your 2014 garden a breeze.

Ask yourself:

  • What grew well – produced consistently and had minimal disease issues?
  • What would you like to grow more of? Less?
  • What needed more space? More sun?

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out a list of the plants folks pre-ordered with us in 2013. Use this to note what quantities you’d like to plant next season. In early December, we will post our list of plants we’ll offer for pre-order, which will include a list of pick-up dates and locations.

Fall Garden Clean-up

Remove all insect-infested or diseased plant debris to prevent overwintering in your garden soil. Compost plants that are free of disease; dispose of diseased plants in your landscape waste.

Add organic matter, like grass clippings, leaves and compost, to your garden soil and work it into the soil. We also place a thick layer of leaves on our beds in fall, then rake it away in spring. This insulates the soil and feeds good soil organisms.

For more tips, see this excellent article from Mother Earth News.

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