Gardening Tip – Plant now for fall harvest

Snap peas

Snap peas

Have holes in your garden or plants that are languishing? Consider clearing them out to make space for fall crops. We’ve found that many plants tend to flourish in fall, when the temperatures are more moderate and weeds less plentiful.

The suggested planting dates for fall vegetable crops (in the Chicago area):

  • July 20 to July 30 for beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, Chinese cabbage, chard, endive, snap beans, and summer squash.
  • August 10 to 20 for kale, kohlrabi, leaf lettuce, mustard, turnip, snap peas, spinach and radish.
  • Early September for radish.

Many garden centers should still have a variety of seeds on hand. We also recommend the following seed companies:

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Peaceful Valley
Territorial Seed

Check the seed packet for seeding depths and an special instructions, such as inoculating your pea and bean seeds before planting to boost production. In the heat of summer, keep seeds watered to encourage germination and give the plants a strong start.

In September, we’ll talk about techniques for protecting your plants from frost, so you can continue to harvest into November and December.

Happy growing!

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