Gardening Tip: Freezing or drying fresh herbs

HerbsHangingToDryFresh herbs are some of the most flavorful and aromatic products from your garden. Check out this link with helpful harvest and storage tips for basil. You can keep basil in a jar of water on your countertop like a vase of flowers. Fresh parsley keeps for over a week in a loose closed plastic bag in your crisper drawer.

You can enjoy most of that great flavor by freezing many of your fresh herbs in ice cubes. This works with fresh basil, parsley, dill and cilantro; herbs like sage, oregano, thyme and rosemary are best dried.

This video does a great job of showing you how to dry and freeze herbs, as well as how to turn them into herb butter. This link describes how to freeze or dry basil.

Happy growing and eating!

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