Farm changes -and- Preliminary list of seedlings

Greetings, farm friends!

After much contemplation, we’ve decided to shift away from growing vegetables for our CSA and the farm stand at Primrose Farm and focus on educating and growing seedlings for home gardeners. We will be offering edible garden design consultations to help you figure out what you’d like to grow and classes to help you get the most from your garden. More details will be coming soon!

In the meantime, please check out the organically grown vegetable and herb seedling options we’re offering this spring. Don’t see a variety you’d like to grow? Let us know! Seedling pick-up spots will include the Go Green event in Oak Brook (April 21st) and Geneva’s Gardenology event (May 18th). We also offer home delivery!

Crop                                          Crop Variety
Basil (green)                               Genovese
Basil (green with purple)         Thai
Bok Choy (green)                       Da Cheong Chae
Bok Choy (purple)                     Red Choi
Cilantro                                        Santo
Brussel Sprouts                          Churchill
Celeriac                                        Mars
Collard Greens                           Champion
Cucumber (pickling)                 H-19
Cucumber (slicing)                    Marketmore
Cucumber (seedless)                 Diva
Dill                                                Bouquet
Eggplant                                      Black Beauty
Fennel                                          Perfection
Ground Cherries                        Pineapple
Kale (dino)                                  Lacinato
Kale (curly red)                          Redbor
Kale (curly green)                      Ripbor
Kohlrabi                                       Azur Star or Korridor
Lettuce (green, crisp leaf lettuce)          Nevada
Lettuce (green, butterhead)                    Sylvesta
Lettuce (green, butterhead)                    Optima
Lettuce (red, oak leaf)                              Jamai
Lettuce (red, butterhead)                        Red Cross
Lettuce (red, leaf lettuce)                        New Red Fire
Lettuce (red, crisp leaf lettuce)              Cherokee
Okra                                             Clemson Spineless
Onion (sweet)                            Walla Walla
Onion (red storage)                  Red Zeplin
Onion (yellow storage)            Patterson
Pepper (sweet)                          California Wonder (green to red)
Pepper (sweet)                          California Wonder (green to orange)
Pepper (warm)                          Hungarian Wax
Pepper (medium heat)            Poblano
Pepper (hot)                              Jalapeno
Potato (red)                               Adirondack Red
Potato (yellow)                         Yukon Gold
Summer Squash (yellow)       Yellow Straightneck
Swiss Chard (rainbow)           Bright Lights
Sweet Potato                             Beauregard
Tomato (large slicer)               Big Beef
Tomato (early slicer)               Crimson Sprinter
Tomato (large heirloom)        Brandywine
Tomato (medium heirloom)  Cherokee Purple
Tomato (early slicer)               New Girl
Tomato (paste)                         San Marzano
Tomato (heirloom paste)       Amish Paste
Tomato (sweet orange cherry)          Sun Gold
Tomato  (orange heirloom)               Valencia
Tomato (large heirloom)        Striped German
Zucchini (green)                       Cashflow

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in this next phase of our operation.

Kim and Rachel
Sweet Home Organics
Helping you grow at your home

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