Mid-season review + Pre-order your storage potatoes!

Farm stand goodies!

What a wacky year to grow veggies! As with other years, we find there are distinct elements that help identify the year’s uniqueness. Aside from the goofy weather, we’ve had many highlights so far, such as a stupendous garlic crop, early and beautiful tomatoes, and the fun of sharing the fields with two families of Sandhill cranes. Along with the good come the lessons, like check the irrigation filters. Overall, we find ourselves blessed to have these experiences and feel privileged to grow food for folks.

As we look to the second half of the season, we have a few offerings to promote:

Pre-order bulk potatoes by September 10th
We’re are again offering pre-orders of certified organic red and yellow potatoes from Igl Farms (Antigo, WI). They come cured but unwashed (which helps them store longer) and should hold when stored in a dark, cool place for months. Please email Kim (at sweethomeorganics@gmail.com) by September 10th with your order. The price is $2/lb. We ask that your order be a minimum of 10 lbs total (can be 5 lbs each of reds and yellows) and in an interval of 5 lbs (i.e. 10, 15, 20 lbs). Please specify how many lbs of reds and/or yellows you want. Payment is expected before the potatoes arrive; we’ll provide those details after you’ve placed your order. Potatoes will be available for pick up at the farm stand starting Saturday, October 13th.

2013 CSA memberships:
We’ll make 2013 CSA memberships available starting this November. Keep an eye for more information.

2013 Pre-order seedlings sales:
Starting in January we’ll post the list of vegetable and herb seedlings we’ll have available for pre-order. We’d love to share our organically grown seedlings with you for your home garden!

2013 classes:
This past year we offered Harvesting and Weeding classes, which we expect to offer again in 2013. If there are specific topics you’d like to see, please let us know!
Below are some photos from this year’s adventures:
(some photos courtesy of Anna Guziak)

Spring purple bok choy waiting to be transplanted.

Spring planting.

Early snap peas.

May seedlings sales.

Family of sandhill cranes.

Over 2100 garlic bulbs harvested!

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