CSA shares available -and- organic apple CSA

Greetings and happy spring to you all!

Has the warm weather gotten you thinking about all the summer’s veggies that await us?  Good news – we still have CSA memberships available at our three pick up locations (St. Charles, Winfield and Villa Park). Visit this link to learn more.


We’re excited to announce our partnership with Earth First Farms. Earth First, based in southwestern Michigan, offers certified organic apples and cider to the Chicago area. Some of you enjoyed their apple cider last October. Our Thursday Villa Park location* will be a pick-up location for their apple CSA. Their CSA members receive 75 pounds of certified organic apples and a gallon of premium apple cider during their season. Visit this link to learn more.

* We wish we could offer the apple CSA at our other CSA pick-up days and locations. Unfortunately, harvested apples give off ethylene gas, which can accelerate the ripening of other fruits and vegetables. To maintain the freshness of our veggies, we cannot store the apples in our cooler. Leaving the apples uncooled for days may adversely compromise their quality, resulting in some disappointed apple CSA members!

All the best,
Kim and Rachel

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