Fundraising film festival, Seedlings moved, Feed-A-Family update, Article in AOLC newsletter

SCARCE is having a fundraiser film festival in Downers Grove next week. SCARCE is a great local, environmental education organization that we support whenever we can. Check it out and spread the word!


This past weekend we moved the seedlings with great success. They are safe and sound, soaking up some rays and growing fast. We added internal hoops and plastic over the tables to help keep them warm during the cold nights.

The broccoli and onions are ready to be planted in the field. We will make the final field prep and get them planted once the fields dry up.

We’re humbled and happy to report that we’ve received enough donations to subsidize one Feed-A-Family share. We’re already collecting towards a second FAF share. We’ve connected with a family who is overjoyed and thankful that their family can enjoy a CSA share thanks to everyone’s generosity.

Angelic Organics Learning Center (which provides farm business training and education) wrote about us in their March e-newsletter. Since their e-newsletter isn’t available via the web, we’ve attached a PDF of the e-newsletter; the full write-up can be viewed via this link.

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