Website is live!

Welcome to Sweet Home Organics!

We are excited to have our website live. Many thanks to our friend Mark Sund for his guidance. And an enthusiastic Thank You! to Jason Waclawik of the Kidults and Vegetarian Librarian fame for his artistry for our logo.

Staying connected with us
To stay connected with our latest news and updates, click ‘Keep me connected!’ on the right panel to subscribe to our email mailing list. Also, our Facebook page is live for fans to stay connected with us. Finally, why not tweet with us? Oh, the magic of interwebbing!

CSA membership now available!
We are now accepting CSA memberships for the 2010 season. Visit Our CSA Program page to learn all the details!

Feed-A-Family donations
We are taking financial donations for our Feed-A-Family program. This is a great way to share the gift of local, organically grown produce. Visit Feed-A-Family to learn more about this program.

Thanks for reading!
Kim and Rachel

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